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About Debrena Jackson Gandy

Debrena is a nationally recognized relationship expert, committed to a RELATIONSHIPS REVOLUTION that leaves relationship failure and breakdown behind and has JUICY RELATIONSHIPS AND MARRIAGES BE THE NEW NORM. She understands, first-hand, what it means to take a relationship from breakdown to breakthrough, from good to great, and to experiencing the “rare air” of BETTER THAN EVER. Her mission is to empower women and men to detox from the Love Lies, learn to live from the Love Truths, and experience deep satisfaction and fulfillment as a reality. Join the Movement. All potential Relationship Revolutionaries are welcomed!

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Praise for the Love Lies

Awesome book – Helps you reach powerful new levels in your relationship!

The Love Lies is a truly transformational book that takes women out of a weak, powerless way of being in relationships, and into a very powerful, attraction way of being. It’s different, it’s unique, it literally changes your perspective and leaves you feeling empowered! After reading this book, my radiance was elevated to another level, and the quality of men that came my way elevated as well! I’m so excited for any future books, and in the meantime, I keep this one close by as an ongoing reference. Thank you Debrena Jackson Gandy, for the wisdom and insight!

E. Waller

This book is about transformational change that will revolutionize you and your relationships. The concepts are simple, yet profound. I love that it is spiritually based and the Author focuses on ME changing and as I change, so do my relationships.

In short, this teaching, this gift, this great lesson was nothing short of amazing. I have not only READ the book but have also put many of the concepts into PRACTICE so I know them to be true and they have transformed my life and love relationships….with not only men but with EVERYONE.

Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy….don’t just take my word for it. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

S. Jordan

This book is AMAZING!

I read half of it in one day- couldn’t put it down. As a fan of personal development books I am no stranger to this type of book AND, I must say “The Love Lies” is totally refreshing and different in all the best ways. I was able to immediately implement some of the teachings with a couple of the dates I had. Debrena’s message is completely timely. Ladies, we ARE “the living gift”, let this book transform how you approach relationships, it has already started doing that for me.


Debrena has done it again!

But, this time it’s revolutionary! Single women, Married woman – from the young to seasoned elders- this is a book that will spark your mind and open your spirit. The answers revealed will change your outlook on yourself and the love of your life. After implementing the Love Truths, my husband and sons have begun to transform right before my eyes. What was good has become great!

W. Morgan

From Depression to Destiny!!!

Let me start by sharing how very grateful I AM that I was ready not only for this read as much as this process. I’ve spent a lot of time hoping, wishing, dreaming that someone would clear up my confusion from the examples I had to love myself. I learned to believe I had the problem and settled over and over again for toxic and draining relationships with men until I became physically ill. I had to admit that a six year relationship was killing me. What “The Love Lies” is doing for me is exposing my fears, challenging me to no longer play small, that I AM able to finally heal, understand that it is ok to go from girl to woman (get the book!), and trust that my time is very near. I look forward to a sacred self love that has only existed in my heart until now. The detox process (Get the book!) will probably be a book when I AM able to articulate the experience. Thank you Mrs Gandy! Thank you God!!!!!!

S. Johnson

I Couldn’t Put it Down!

I started her book today and didn’t want to put it down. She is a great motivational speaker, life coach and mentor. I am learning how to become the change agent in my relationship.

M. Reed

“The definitive guide to the Relationships Revolution.”

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