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Debrena’s LOVE ACADEMY 101 Comes to




That SHAKES UP the Relationship and Marriage Status Quo

and INTRODUCES a NEW Relationships Paradigm!


It is time for a NEW love relationships paradigm, and NEW way of engaging with men that is not so laced with frustration and disappointment. And the live Love Academy 101 Course, created by national best-selling author, speaker, love relationships mentor success coach to thousands and founder of the Modern Courtship movement, Debrena Jackson Gandy, brings it!!

Across the country, The LOVE ACADEMY 101 teachings are causing minds to be blown, jaws to drop, and relationships to be transformed with powerful, very refreshing and UNcommon insights and principles – ones that you haven’t heard anywhere else.

The popularity of Debrena’s Love Academy teachings has spawned a national movement, and her newest book, THE LOVE LIES.  


Whether you are single, divorced or married, you may be successful in your professional life, career, business or ministry, but that does not automatically translate into having it going on in the love or marriage department. Actually, you may be downright frustrated and even fed up, you’re tired of the “same ole, same ole, or you want more in your marriage.

If you’re single…..

…it can be easy to quietly start giving up, put up walls, lose hope, feel that you have to “settle,” or get fed up with trying to meet a good man. You might have heard more than once that you intimidate men, or that you’re “just too independent.” It is your heart’s desire to be in a fulfilling, committed relationship but it keeps eluding you, and you’re not exactly sure why. You’re tired of the games and the dating scene, and you’re ready to be in a real and satisfying relationship.

You’ve been hoping and wishing that you’d have met someone by now, and you feel that “your time is running out”

You often feel disappointed, hurt or let down by men

You might have stopped believing that you can have a successful career and a fulfilling relationship or marriage

You’ve been “looking for” or “trying to find” The One/Mr. Right, but you keep getting Mr. Wrong

You have a What-I-Want-In-a-Man-List but men keep falling short or getting eliminated

You’ve been hurt before and now you’ve “put up a wall” or you’re extra cautious as a form of protection

You may be able to attract men but not “keep” them

If you’re married….

If you’re married, maybe you’ve becoming accustomed to patterns in your relationship that have been the same way for a while but you’re not happy with them, you’ve gotten used to the presence of low-grade frustration and irritation, you’d like your husband to be more engaged, to initiate more, to be more affectionate and in tune with your needs, for your marriage to be more stimulating to your mind, body and spirit, or maybe you’ve resigned yourself to already having tried “everything,” and nothing seems to change things up. The vision you had in your head for how you want your marriage to be, and the experience you’re actually having, are NOT lined up.

You desire for your husband to put forth more energy and effort in your marriage.

You feel that without both of you being committed to improving/changing your marriage, it can’t happen

You find yourself having to tell him things that you think he should already know to do.

You’ve read relationship books, or tried applying suggestions from a church marriage seminar or other seminar without much success

You think – “If he’d just get his act together, or step up, then all would be fine.

You want “more” in your marriage and would like to experience “divine partnership” as a reality and not just as a concept

You want him to initiate more (….date nights, loving touch, sex)

You desire to feel more deeply appreciated and adored.

You might be surprised to know that these are all “classic” by-products of the female Love Lies.

HOW we’ve been engaging in our relationships and marriages hasn’t been working for far too many of us…..

And WHY is this? Most likely, it’s because you’re operating from the female Love Lies. We may think it’s the men, it’s all their fault, they are the ones that need to get their act together (and yes this may be true), but I’ve found that a vast majority of us – single, divorced or married, Christian and non-Christian women alike, are “infected” with the Love Lies – and don’t even know it!

But the truth is that you may not be aware of what’s really going on, though you may think that you “already know,” when it comes to what’s at the ROOT and the TRUTH about why you’re so frustrated in the first place (the love lies are sneaky). I’ve found that there are HUGE BLINDSPOTS that we have in love relationships and marriages that we don’t even know are there.

The female Love Lies are a specific combination of false, faulty underlying beliefs specific to women (men have their own set), about relationships and marriage, that become part of our “relationships conditioning,” starting as early as the ages of three and four. And unless you’ve been “detoxed” of the Love Lies, they’re there – alive, well and unknowingly operating in your relationship.


It’s these female love lies that are fueling how we think, communicate, respond and behave in our relationships- ways that are leading to high frustration, disappointment, and distrust, and feeding what I call the Relationship and “Love STD’s” – socially transmitted delusions.

The Love Academy 101 LIVE Course, based upon Debrena’s popular book, The Love Lies, exposes the core female Love Lies, BEGINS the detox process of setting you FREE from them, introduces you to the Love Truths, and puts you on a path to a relationship or marriage that is JUICY – you feel trusting, safe, loved, deeply connected, adored, heard, supported and special.

JUICY relationships is a possibility for women who are willing to wake up out of the trance of the Love Lies, and live from the Love Truths.


Being in a JUICY relationship or marriage is about experiencing DEEP SATISFACTION and FULFILLMENT!

You will be introduced to liberating insights, eye-opening principles and teachings in the Love Academy 101 that will “slingshot” you out of the frustration, disappointment, complacency, resignation and irritation and into new realms of freedom, fuller self-expression, new levels of communication, joy, and the desired responses you want from men, or your husband.

In the Love Academy 101, you’ll be EXPOSED to renewed ways of thinking and being that set you FREE from the Love Lies.

You’ll have huge “aha’s” and lightbulb moments about WHY you’ve been experiencing frustration, and what’s at the ROOT of it.

The scales are pulled off of your eyes, and you can now see how your thinking, behaving and communicating has contributed to creating the very things that you don’t like and actually “called forth” the very behaviors that irritate you the most in men.

Warning: This is not the same old recycled and re-packaged love relationships rhetoric 

Debrena presents a whole NEW love relationships paradigm that yield JUICY RELATIONSHIPS and MARRIAGES.

It’s time to STOP THE INSANITY!!

Your Love Academy Intensive Will Cover:

  • The 3 Love Lies that most sabotage joy, and short circuit JUICY Love Relationships
  • How to INCREASE your feminine energy and DECREASE your masculine energy
  • How to increase your Feminine Magnetism and Radiance
  • How to put an end to communication frustration and learn how to speak “MANESE”
  • Learn how to make the SHIFT from “Being in Your Girl” to “Being in Your Woman” in your love relationships and marriage
  • Begin to DETOX yourself of the most damaging of the Female Love Lies
  • How to recover from the HSAK Syndrome, especially in your marriage
  • Understand the connection between Sacred Self-Care and Self-Love
  • and Insights about Men that you probably didn’t know!!


Your investment includes:

Your personal Love Academy Course packet, a full day of powerful teachings and principles, a light breakfast, and a Tasty Lunch.

Two Payment Options: EARLY BIRD Paying in Full ($199) , OR our 2-Part Installment Plan ($109.50 Each installment)

Course Graduates of PREVIOUS Love Academies can register for a special discounted rate. Please email us at [email protected] to request the special Graduate Registration details.

**THE FIRST 7 to Register receive Debrena’s 7 JUICY RELATIONSHIPS PRINCIPLES

SPACE IS LIMITED to 15 women.



Click Here to Register PAID IN FULL $199 (with EARLY BIRD payment):



– OR –


Two-Part Installment Plan (total of $219)
$109.50 each installment


Initial Installment #1, $109.50: Due NOW, by Tuesday, May 16 or sooner. CLICK HERE:

Installment #2, $109.50: Due by Monday 5/29

Regular Registration: $219 after, Starts Wednesday May 17

Love Academy Office: 206-878-8163


Love Academy Founder and Facilitator

Debrena Jackson Gandy, national best-selling author (All the Joy You Can Stand, Sacred Pampering Principles) and of her newest book, The Love Lies, TV Show Host, guest on over 50 radio shows, international speaker, life and relationships mentor and success coach to thousands.

She has been featured in magazines such as Oprah’s O, Essence, Ebony, Romance Travel, Woman’s Day and Black Enterprise and as seen on TV on CNN, CNN Live, C-SPAN, the Wisdom Channel, The Better Show, in Washington D. C. on Good Day D. C., Good Morning Texas and Good Day New York. She’s also been seen on sites such as Oprah.com, Jetmag.com, Redbook.com, BMWK.com, and SoulofAmerica.com

As Founder of the Love Academy, the division of her company that offers transformational relationships courses for women, and Men-tality 101 and 201 for men, Debrena is a ground-breaker, and Relationships visionary that keeps her audiences riveted and on the edge of their seats wanting more. For more information on her life’s work, visit www.MillionDollarMentor.net.

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