An Exclusive 12-Week Master Class with

Debrena Jackson Gandy

Spiritual Principles, Building Blocks and Practical Tools for Experiencing


in Life and Love

Dear Friend:

A JUICY woman is centered, at peace, joy-full, and energized,

and she’s crafted a life for herself that is a reflection

of what works for her mind, body, spirit and energy.

She knows how to tap into her Inner Reservoir of joy

instead of being needy or dependent upon others to be her emotional source.

Her spirit is full.  Her mind is clear.  Her body is healthy.  And her heart is OPEN.

She gets her true worth, and is no longer afraid of her Greatness

A JUICY WOMAN operates from a completely different set

of beliefs and principles than other women.

She has a wholly different approach to life and love…one that yields more joy, flow, ease, and deep satisfaction and fulfillment.

She knows that it IS possible for her to have “it all” with MORE ease and grace instead of stress, anxiety or worry.

She has discovered the Juicy Woman’s paradigm for life and love.

In the Becoming a Juicy Woman in Life & Love Master Tele-Class, we will be together for 12 consecutive Wednesdays, (with an Orientation on Wednesday April 26) from May 3 to July 19.  This Master Class is a 12-week intensive for women who are SERIOUS about making the shift to the Juicy Woman’s way of being, and way of relating and operating in her life and in her love relationships.

There are 8 Key S. O. P’s (Spiritual Operating Principles) that guide a Juicy Woman’s decisions and choices, and over these 12 Weeks, you will be equipped with the Juicy Woman’s LIFE & LOVE BUILDING BLOCKS.  These include New Principles, New Beliefs, New Practices, and New Approaches to life and love will enable you to “have it all” without guilt, but  with more  ease, joy and grace.  “It all” is a life that makes your heart sing, and is a reflection of your highest passions.

You are invited to be a part of this 12-week Tele-Class journey, in a community of other positive, like-minded women.  

A JUICY WOMAN is operating from a MODEL OF LIFE where she is:

  • Centered in a feminine approach to manifesting and getting things done.
  • Operating from a place of “flow-ductivity” versus just productivity
  • Intentionally and thoughtfully “architecting” and designing a life for herself that best supports her optimum self-expression, creativity, joy, and prosperity
  • Learning how to integrate “RE” cycles into her life (re-newal, re-juvenation, re-laxation), an essential aspect of how she moves through her day and week.
  • Treating sacred self-care as a lifestyle instead of like a reward or reducing it to “things she does to be good to herself.”
  • Committed to congruence between her public and private self; between what she says she values and considers important and her choices and behavior; and between her Mission and how she manages her energy.
  • Attuned and in tune with the Divine Within, her Majestic Self
  • Comfortable in her skin
  • Magnetic to men
  • Connected to her own inner river of joy and, in turn, her Feminine Radiance is ON
  • “In her Woman” (instead of “In her Girl”) in her love relationships and/or marriage
  • Able to stay centered in the midst of life’s storms because she is exceptionally grounded and centered; and
  • Clear about the importance of investing “DivineTime” at the top of each day, that includes Prayer AND Meditation, to set the tone and “keynote” for her day


  • The 8 KEY “Spiritual Operating Principles” of a JUICY Woman
  • Making Space in Your Life
  • Making Space in your Heart
  • Elevating Your Thinking & Believing to that of a Sacred Self-Caring Woman
  • Tapping the Power of Sacred Self-Care


  • Identifying the Gaps in your Life and Closing Them
  • Understanding Your Purpose vs Your Personal Mission
  • Understanding God’s Will for Your Life
  • Cultivating High-Level Self-Love


  • Practices and rituals of the JUICY WOMAN
  • Increase Your Magnetism and Attraction Power
  • Making the Shift from “Being in Your Girl” to “Being in Your Woman” in Love Relationships/Marriage
  • Living and loving with more Joy, Ease, Peace and Flow


  • Master Class Workbook
  • Special Pre-Class Preparation Work
  • Wednesday, April 26 Master Class ORIENTATION and KICK-OFF (Required)
  • 20 Minutes of Q & A as part of each Tele-Class Call

NOTE:  Space is limited to 16 women.  The Master Class Interest List has nearly 50 women on it, so the sooner you act, the more likely you are to secure one of the 16 seats. First come, first served.

What IMPACT and OUTCOMES can you expect from this Master Class?

A new understanding and appreciation of yourself as a Woman

Increased feminine magnetism and radiance

To be “cured” of the Busyness Syndrome

Make the shift from self-neglect and/or self-doubt to joy, sacred self-care and authentic self-confidence

A deepened understanding of the Sacred Self-Caring Consciousness and the sacred self-caring practices of a Juicy Woman

Relinquish feelings of guilt about tending to your own mind, body, spirit and energy first

Bring your voice forward, to speak up

Detox yourself of the key female relationship Love Lies

If you have a business, experience an increase in revenues/sales and/or clients

Release weight with less effort

Be able to treat No as a complete sentence, re-train others in your life, and establish healthier boundaries with others

Be drawn to healthier, more nutrient-rich foods that vitalize your body

Your love relationships and/or marriage improves

The men you encounter start to respond differently to you (if married, this includes your husband)


Preparation for our Master Class – Wednesday April 26, ORIENTATION and then 12 consecutive

Wednesdays, May 3 through July 19.

ORIENTATION, Wednesday April 26, and then for 12 consecutive Weeks.

DATES: May 3, 10, 17, 24 and 31; June 7, 14, 21, and 28; July 5, 12, and 19

TIME: 9:00 – 10:30pm EST/6:00 – 7:30pm PST, Wednesdays

INVESTMENT: FOUR Installment Payments of $89 each

Your Initial $89.00 Installment is to secure your spot, and for your Orientation and Master Class Workbook.  Then installment payments are $89 for May; $89 for June; and $89 for July.

Payments will be automatically and securely processed from our office between the 1st and 3rd of each month, once your spot is initially secured. 


OR PAY IN FULL, $316.00

Once you register, you’ll receive your Master Class Agreement & Authorization Form to complete and return.  You will then receive your Workbook and Final Details (and Call-In Number) via email two days prior to the Orientation Call.

We look forward to having you join us!

Debrena Jackson Gandy

Debrena Jackson Gandy is a nationally published best-selling author of three books, speaker, master success coach, transformational facilitator, and TV Show Host. She’s been seen in Oprah’s O magazine, Essence, Ebony, Heart & Soul and Woman’s Day; numerous major newspapers around the country; appeared on websites such,,,,, and;  heard on over 50 radio shows and podcasts; and seen on TV on  CNN, CNN Live, Good Day New York, Good Morning Texas, Good Day D. C.; C-SPAN; TBN, and the Wisdom Channel.