Special Tele-Class Offer – BEING A JUICY WOMAN in Life, Love & Business

A powerful 5-Week Tele-Class for READY Women
Starts Monday June 26

Are you READY?

If you’re READY to learn how to live, love, operate a business, relate and BE, from the space of a JUICY WOMAN, then I invite you to consider taking advantage of a special offer that I am extending from an event I spoke at, this past weekend.

I was inspired to open this special offer up to 5 more women, after this past weekend’s enthusiastic response to my 7 Principles of a Juicy Woman presentation at the CREATE YOUR IDEAL LIFE Event, and the “Being a Juicy Woman in Life, Love & Business” 5-Week Tele-Class offer I made available at the sold-out CREATE YOUR IDEAL LIVE Event in Oakland, CA with Rosetta Thurman of Happy Black Woman.

What will I LEARN?

You will learn how to:

  • THINK AND CHOOSE like a Juicy Woman
  • UNDERSTAND the 5 Key Spiritual Principles that support a Juicy Life
  • UN-LEARN the ways of a “dry and depleted” Woman
  • RELEASE your “old” self-concept and EMBRACE the “way of BE-ing” of a JUICY WOMAN
  • EXPERIENCE more peace, divine synchronicities, and flow
  • EXPERIENCE “life more abundantly”
  • LEARN how to increase your Feminine “Charge” and Magnetism
  • LEARN how to attract,draw to you, and MANIFEST the desires of your heart with more Ease

Two payment options:  Paid in Full ($497) OR 2-Part Installment($289.50 Each)

Two Installments Option: $289.50 Each.

Installment #1: Due Now.

Installment #2: Due by 7/17

You will be sent the Dial-In Details, your BONUSES, and hand-outs via email, in advance of the Start Date.