Single Ladies!

We hear you, loud and clear…..

Many of you are frustrated, irritated, disappointed, resigned, or ALL THE ABOVE, in your relationships with men.

Or you may be experiencing an ABSENCE of male relationship energy in your life, altogether.

If this is you, then you are not alone.

This is why we, two transformational relationships coaches, are coming together once again, but this time to bring

you a TWO-PART Tele-Course, specifically for SINGLE LADIES!

Do ANY of these scenarios apply to you?

-you are still carrying around “wounds” or “hurts” from previous relationships

and you don’t even know it, yet it can be “felt” and sensed others, especially men

-you have an absence of positive male energy and interaction in your life

-you tend to be reserved, distrusting or cautious with men

-you want different results in your relationships with men but you are RESISTING

doing the necessary self-work

-you find yourself being concerned about “being hurt again”

-you don’t REALLY know what men want, and you may feel confused by them

-you are close to or over age 30, and you’re getting worried about not ever finding

a mate

-you have dates with men, but it rarely gets past Date #1 or Date #2

-you’ve had men tell you that you’re too independent, or you don’t seem like you

‘need a man’

-you want to BREAK THE CYCLE of different man, but the same ole drama


-you are able to attract men, but to “keep” them is the challenge for you

-you’re fed up with the on-line dating scene

-you want to understand how to “be a GREAT date” so that a man is eager to see

you again

-you feel you have to “settle” to be in a relationship

-you don’t understand why men won’t “commit” to you

-you are ready to heal from your past so you can learn to engage with men as a

Whole Woman

Join us for a two-week journey with other women that are READY FOR A CHANGE, who are READY TO EXPERIENCE SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

Part 1, Tuesday, October 18: 8:30pm – 10:00pm EST/5:30pm – 7:00pm PST

What we’ll be covering:

  • The foundation of a healthy relationship
  • Get clear on why you attract certain men and how to change it
  • Dropping unfair and unrealistic expectations with men
  • How to connect with men and it not be based on sex

Part 2, Tuesday, October 25, 8:30pm – 10:00pm EST/5:30pm – 7:00pm PST

What we’ll be covering

  • Developing your feminine energy and female magnetism
  • Clearing up communication confusion
  • The principles of being a “great” date

What you will RECEIVE, LEARN and GAIN:

  • Receive replay of both tele-course Calls
  • Coaching, teaching and mentoring from two established Relationship Coaches
  • Participants Worksheet(s)
  • Guidance, coaching and compassionate truth-telling
  • Insights and a new understanding of how to break cycles of frustration, disappointment and even resignation with men
  • 3 hours of powerful teachings, along with time on each tele-course call designated for Q & A


INVESTMENT: Only 16 spaces remaining……


Early Bird Registration: September 27 through October 11; Paid in Full:  $149

*ALSO receive Debrena’s e-book for FREE on Healing Your Womb

If using two-part Installment Plan:  $84.50 per installment:

Part 1 – due starting September 27, To register: Part 1 – $84.50

Part 2 – due starting October 12, Balance due:   Part – 2 $84.50

Regular Registration: $169, Starting October 12


Your Co-Facilitators:

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Debrena Jackson Gandy – Nationally published best-selling author, speaker, success coach, TV Show Host, Founder of The Love Academy


Melissa Brown – Life Coach, Certified Therapist, Ordained Minister,

Popular TV Show expert