Dear Friend:


Wow! I’ve noticed that there is a renewed HUNGER to know “what works” in Love Relationships and Marriage- because what we’ve been doing ISN’T WORKING for far too many of us!


Just a few days ago, I was a live video guest on Actress Kim Coles private membership group, the “Kimunity,”  talking about my newest national book, The Love Lies, and the Relationships Revolution.  Then last week, I was in San Diego speaking to a group of women about how to “GLOW, MAGNETIZE and FLOW.”


The weekend before, I was with a full room of men at my Men-tality 101 Relationships Seminar for Men.  Then the previous week, I was in Harlem, NY speaking to a room full of women about “How to Recalibrate and Elevate YOU and your Relationships.”

The response has been amazing!

I think folks are eatin’ it up because we want to shift out of being frustrated, irritated, resigned and fed up…and want to experience deep satisfaction and fulfillment.



As a self-proclaimed Relationships (R)Evolutionary,I am passionate about ‘sounding the alarm’ and issuing the clarion call to single and married women and men, to step into the NEW relationships paradigm. The Relations (R)Evolution is now underway!!!

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Yes, Register me for Debrena’s HOW MEN TICK! Tele-Seminar


I’ve been incredibly inspired to offer one of my most popular Relationships TELE-SEMINARS again….”How Men Tick,” on Tuesday, March 7, 9:00 -10:30pm EST/6:00 -7:30pm PST.


In this 90 minute value-packed tele-seminar, I will share 7 INSIGHTS ABOUT MEN THAT WILL POSITIVELY CHANGE HOW YOU ENGAGE AND RELATE TO THEM.


Too often there is friction between women and men because men don’t understand how we “tick,” and we don’t understand how they “tick.”

Whether single or married, we OFTEN do things, say things, or do things in a way that agitates a man’s spirit and character.

It’s usually not intentional, but it causes men to withdraw, check out, or get passive, NONETHELESS.

This includes speaking to them in “Womanese” instead of in “Manese” (one of my ‘Debrena-isms’ from The Love Lies). There have been reports of women transforming their relationships just from these 7 insights alone!!

Becoming AWARE OF and UNDERSTANDING these 7 How-Men-Tick key relationships insights will bring you more peace, confidence and ease when engaging and relating to men.

P. S. I will also be sharing some “secrets” from my Men-tality 101 Men Only Relationships Seminar that men would NEVER tell women directly.   

 Yes, Register me for Debrena’s HOW MEN TICK! Tele-Seminar

You’ll receive the Dial in Number and your Tele-Seminar Worksheet the day before the Tele-Seminar.