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Dear Friend:


It’s been a remarkable ride thus far, as a business owner for almost 25 years now, and a 3rd generation entrepreneur.


On many occasions, I’ve have folks say to me, “Debrena, you have the Midas Touch. Everything you touch seems to turn to gold.”


Debrena NEW 2016 headerWhile I certainly appreciate the compliment, I know that, behind the scenes, very thoughtful and strategic marketing is at work.  Though it may seem to some like “everything I touch turns to gold and profits,” what they were seeing is the direct RESULT of marketing that worked, with some specific strategic factors thought through and considered first.


Over the years, I have seen time and time again, where a great product, service, idea or project with poor marketing, flops, or never gets its proper traction.  Or where an average product, service, idea or project, with great marketing, prospers and takes off.  This is the power of marketing.  It is the driver behind the ka-ching…it is the driver behind a registration, a transaction, a purchase, a new client, a new customer, or a sale.


This is why I am SO passionate about marketing and the power of it.


In my 25 years in business, the products, services and ideas that I’ve marketed have achieved great success. These include:

  • two nationally published books that have become national best-sellers
  • a business that has generated over $2.1 Million in Revenues (as a solo-preneur and no employees…only independent contractors)
  • a consistent pattern of FULL tele-seminars and tele-courses – I’ve designed, marketed and facilitated 65 of them thus far
  • designed and facilitated 25 full-day, live intensives for women, and 8, ½ day live intensives for men through my Love Academy, around the country
  • generated nearly $40,000 in revenues from private coaching clients
  • growing a former direct selling team to nearly 3,000 women, that generated nearly $5.5 Million dollars in revenue while the company was in business (I had the team with the highest revenue per capita, across the company). This was directly related to how I taught my team members to MARKET the products we represented
  • 8 sold-out, long-term tele-courses
  • 4 sold-out and profitable large-scale women’s empowerment events
  • 6 sold-out empowerment Retreats
  • 2 sold-out high-end, deluxe retreats
  • plus a new 3rd nationally published book, 3 e-books, 2 self-published books, and 3 audio courses


And the common denominator for ALL of them, is on-point, effective marketing….


And when you are clear about the 5 KEY MARKETING PRINCIPLES, that are operating behind the scenes, you can take it all the way to the bank and back.  This is what I’ll be sharing in a special ONE NIGHT ONLY Tele-Seminar, this Tuesday Aug 23, 6:00 – 7:30pmPST/9:00 – 10:30pm EST


The first 20 to register will receive an actual, PHYSICAL workbook mailed to you via the U. S. Post.  Spaces are going, going……..


I know…everything’s gone electronic and virtual these days.  But I still believe in tangible, actual physical products.


The workbook will be just that…a work-book.  It serves as a great follow-through tool, to help you think through, write down and capture some of the things I share in the tele-seminar that are specific to you and your business or product/service.


For the tele-seminar itself, you will receive a worksheet.


The workbook, however, you will receive AFTER the tele-seminar. It will help you to revisit and tighten up your existing marketing plan and approach if one is already in place – and/or help you establish a solid or more solid marketing plan.


As part of your tele-seminar investment, you will also have access to my “OPEN MARETING COACHING GYM” for all registrants. This means that I will be setting up a 90 minute block of time, within a few days of the tele-seminar, and during that time, you can call in and ask direct questions, specific to your business, product, service or idea – FOR FREE!!!


So invite you to ACT NOW and get yourself registered. Registration is open for the next 6 days only.


The #1 result that my clients report is a JUMP in both their sales/revenues and their profits.  And this is usually within 60 days.   Are you IN??


THE INVESTMENT (which includes your 90-minute tele-seminar; receiving a physical copy of my Marketing Mastery 101 Workbook mailed to you for the first 20 to register, and access to the 90-minute Marketing Open Coaching Gym):

Only $79  (Value: $279. Save $200)

 Registration is open only until Sun August 21, 9:00pm PST



on Tuesday August 23


6:00pm – 7:30pm PST/9:00pm to 10:30pm

(90 minutes)

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To Register, Click here: $79 Marketing MasteryTele-Seminar








To Register, Click here: $79 Marketing Mastery Tele-Seminar


You’ll be emailed the tele-seminar dial-in number and your worksheets in advance.


Looking forward to having you join us,