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CO-ED Event:  For single and married women AND men

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Noon  to 4:00pm

BONUS After-Glow for VIP’s:  4:30 – 6:00pm

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Have you noticed??!?!

HOW we’ve been “doing” love relationships ISN’T WORKING. It is time to STOP THE INSANITY.


Our current relationships paradigm has far too many women and men worn out, “ready to  throw in the towel on relationships,” disappointed, confused, pessimistic, or straight-up resigned.


It’s time to call a “Time Out,” and “Stop the Presses!” so that we can take a closer look at the flawed and twisted approach we’ve been using.  Enough of the insanity!


In this engaging seminar, transformational Relationships Coach Debrena Jackson Gandy, introduces you to a NEW paradigm that will blow your mind and make your jaw drop, as she exposes the faulty foundation of our current relationships paradigm – one based upon Love Lie after Love Lie.


Instead of talking about “5 steps,” or “10 ways”….shallow prescriptions for changing superficial behaviors, Debrena goes beneath the surface, to the deeper BELIEFS that are the culprits. She uncovers the TRUE ROOT CAUSES of our widespread relationships dissatisfaction and dysfunction, and the introduces us to the Love Truths.

Learning to love and relate from the Love Truths, instead of the Love Lies, creates JUICY relationships that are deeply satisfying and fulfilling, for BOTH women and men.


You’ll learn:


  • The Top 3 sabotaging female Love Lies (“infected” relationship beliefs)
  • The Top 3 sabotaging male Love Lies (“infected” relationships beliefs)
  • Women: The difference between being “In Your Girl” and being “In Your Woman” and the profound difference it makes in how men respond to you
  • How to speak “Manese” to men instead of “Womanese”
  • Men: The difference between being “In Your Boy” and being “In Your Man” and the profound difference it makes in how women respond to you
  • The power of Feminine Radiance and Masculine Presence
  • Tools for turning your current “situation” around,
  • and MORE!!!
  • Includes LUNCH

Saturday Feb.25th Noon – 4:00pm at Lower Mills Lodge, INCLUDES LUNCH.


VIP BONUS “After-Glow” Q & A with Debrena, plus Dessert 4:30 – 6pm

$75.00 for Registration PLUS VIP Exclusive Bonus After-Glow & Dessert with Debrena

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