Transform Your Love Relationship

with Yourself and with Men

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Dear SiSTAR:

You are invited to be a part of an exclusive, ALL-inclusive weekend where you will be among an elite group of 12 women immersed in a NEW paradigm for love relationships, and a NEW paradigm for relating to ourselves and men.

This experience is limited to “The 12”  because our focus is on queenly treatment and first-class attention for you. The experience is taking place at the newly remodeled Double Tree Suites Hotel, by Hilton, in the Seattle Airport’s Southcenter area for the Relationships Reset Weekend.


You will learn that there are LEVELS of self-love. And this weekend is about taking “The 12” to NEW levels of self love, to HIGH-LEVEL SELF-LOVE.

There are also LEVELS of Sacred Self-Care. And this weekend is about taking you to NEW depths of understanding, and integrating SUPREME Sacred Self-Care into your consciousness and your WAY OF BEING.

Through 8 Empowerment Sessions, including 2 special themed sessions, you will elevate, expand and be EQUIPPED to put into practice in your life and love relationships (and if you’re married – with your husband), NEW ways of thinking, relating, and communicating….ways that yield deeper satisfaction, fulfillment and fuller self-expression.

The Relationships Reset Weekend will combine the juiciest teachings and principles from eight of my most popular relationships events, tele-courses, and seminars.  We invite you to be one of the 12….


We will cover concepts such as:

  • Self-Expression,
  • Feminine Identity,
  • Feminine Radiance,
  • Feminine Magnetism,
  • Feminine Power,
  • Feminine Leadership in Our Love Relationships with Men,
  • Divine Body Image,
  • Making the Shift from “being in your Girl” to “being in your Woman,”
  • Personal Presence, and
  • Healing and Forgiveness

We invite you to be one of the 12….

This Weekend Experience is unlike any other!

IF ANY OF WHAT IS WRITTEN ABOVE OR BELOW RESONATES with you, then you are invited to be one of “The 12.”  Keep reading….it gets even juicier!

We will be covering THE POWER OF…

  • Feminine Radiance

Oh what a difference it makes when a woman understands her unique ability to actually “manufacture” light from within her Being (men aren’t able to do this). This uniquely feminine light, our feminine radiance, emanates from our Womb area and can be felt by others, and for some, even seen – and it is a powerful force. Not only in our love relationships and marriages, but in our LIVES.

Men respond VERY differently to a woman who emits feminine radiance. Unfortunately, it is rare in this day and age for a man to encounter a Radiant Woman, or for a wife to be Radiant.

I’ve discovered that feminine radiance, functions like actual “soul food” or “spiritual food” for a MAN’s spirit – it is actual spiritual nourishment for a man’s spirit.

Thing is, most men’s spirits are STARVING for this because, for most women, our light is out. Our radiance has been snuffed out or dimmed – for a long time and for many reasons. At the Reset Weekend, we will re-activate this Inner Light and show you how to turn your Feminine radiance back ON!

  • Self-Expression:

So often our FULL self-expression is eclipsed by concerns about what others will think, of other people’s opinions that aren’t event FOR you; or concern about stepping out and playing BIG.  We will address this in the Relationships Reset Weekend.  We will bust out the walls of limiting beliefs about yourself and about how deeply satisfying Love Relationships really work, so that you can experience fuller self-expression, energy and JOY in your relationships and in your life.

  • Feminine Magnetism:

We don’t talk enough about this internal resource and force, unique to women – magnetism. You see, God made women magnetic, and men electric.  Men and women are to operate on DIFFERENT PRINCIPLES when it comes to love relationships and marriage.  We, as women, are to draw to us, attract and magnetize, instead of intensely chasing or pursuing – a dynamic that often emerges in our love relationships. Learn how to INCREASE your feminine magnetism, and manifest in your life, including more loving male energy (including from your hubby if you’re married) with more EASE.

What difference does it make when your magnetic field is fortified and strong? What difference does it make when your magnetic signal is clear and strong?

Answer: Men respond TOTALLY DIFFERENTLY to you, and so does the world.

  • Feminine Leadership:

The type of energy that moves through our being, as women, is different from that which moves through men. It also is to BEHAVE differently.  Too often, we operate in a very “masculine space and masculine way” in our daily lives and at work, and we tend to carry this SAME way of being and relating into the space of our love relationships. For most of us, this is all we know. But this doesn’t work…for us, and especially NOT for men.

Your natural feminine leadership emerges as you make the SHIFT from “Being in your Girl” to “Being in your Woman” in your love relationships/marriage.

In the Relationships Reset Weekend, you will advance in making this Girl/Woman SHIFT, and develop a better and deeper understanding of Feminine Leadership, in actual practice and demonstration, in your life and relationships. This is especially powerful for those currently IN a relationship or marriage.

  • High-Level Self-Love:

Self-love is more complex that “you love yourself or you don’t.”  I’ve identified 5 levels of self-love with Level 5 representing embodiment.  In my 25 years of doing empowerment and transformation work with women, I’ve found that MOST of us (92% my research reveals) are at Level 2 or 3.  This means that we are operating at levels of self-acceptance, self-esteem, body-esteem, self-honor, spiritual self-confidence, self-worth and self-value that are not FULLY reflective of our power, capacity, design nor our divinity.

  • Supreme Sacred Self-Care

The Western culture, truth be told, actually teaches women self-neglect, negative self-denial, martyrdom, negative and self-sacrifice, instead of sacred self-care.  This is why so many of us struggle with authentic, deeply rooted  and grounded sacred self-care.  The most telling evidence of this is HOW MEN RESPOND TO US in love relationships, and what we allow and tolerate that we shouldn’t.

Sacred self-care goes far beyond what you DO, to your very consciousness and core beliefs about yourself, being born into a female body, and how you PERCEIVE and RELATE to life.  Experience a  breakthrough in your understanding and embodiment of Supreme Sacred Self-Care.

I will be joined my Guest Facilitator Melissa Brown, Relationships Coach, Life Coach, Licensed Therapist, and Ordained Minister.  So you’ll experience a double dose of transformational relationship insights from two powerful relationships coaches.

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RESERVATIONS ARE BEING ACCEPTED NOW, (no PAYMENTS yet)….To RESERVE YOUR SPOT, send an email with your NAME and PHONE NUMBER to [email protected]. Registration will open on June 1.  Once your initial payment (or payment in full) is received, you will be sent a Participant Registration and Authorization Form to complete and return.