Here’s How Debrena’s One-on-One Private Coaching Works

Once you speak with Debrena by phone to have a preliminary conversation about what you’re seeking to accomplish and what you’d like to work on in your coaching sessions with her, she will be able to tell you first, if she can be of assistance to you, and second, how many one-hour coaching sessions she would recommend for you. During your phone preliminary conversation, you and Debrena will discuss the specific topics each of your sessions should cover, based upon what you want to accomplish.

The recommended number of sessions can range between two and 12, depending on what a client wants to work on.

The minimum number of sessions is two, and Debrena has a two-session minimum. Each session is $150/hour, with a two-session minimum of $300. You can purchase as many sessions as you would like up front, or you can do it in cycles of 2 or 3 at a time. If you purchase 3 or more sessions in advance, at a time, your rate is discounted to $125/hour.

You pay for your initial number of coaching sessions in advance and then your sessions are scheduled with mutually agreeable times and days. Sessions are usually one week apart. You place the coaching call to Debrena. The phone number to dial for your coaching sessions will be emailed to you in advance, along with the confirmation of your coaching session dates, times and topics to be covered.